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“The History of Sexuality in Canada” (Winter 2014)

A second-year lecture course

Instructor: Steven Maynard, Dept. of History, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario


From the course description:


From First Nations to Queer Nation, this course is an introduction to Canada’s sexual past. We will explore the diverse history of sexualities in the nation we now call Canada, from “berdache” and buggery in Nouvelle France to lesbian bars and the birth control pill in the postwar period. We begin with several classes on how to think about sexuality as historical – as the basis for identities and communities, as a form of regulation, and as a hotly contested terrain of politics. Subsequent lectures approach sexuality as a prism through which to view the operations of power in the past, both in its pleasurable and dangerous manifestations. Drawing on Foucauldian, feminist, and post-colonial thought, we will investigate sexuality’s historical intersections with gender, race, age, class, colonialism and nation in Canadian history, both in the past and in the ‘historical present.’

          In terms of format, this is a lecture course. Lectures will provide overviews and interpretations of Canada’s sexual past, and they will be supplemented by readings on the history of sexuality in Canada, films/videos, and web resources. Written work will focus on sharpening your skill at critique – of both the academic and public presentation of the sexual past.




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