In brief

If you are a graduate student member of the Canadian Historical Association, you are a member of the Graduate Student Committee. Here is some information on what that means.

Membership to the Graduate Students' Committee

The Graduate Students' Committee (GSC) is composed of all graduate students who are members of the CHA. The GSC meets once per year during the CHA's annual meeting. The annual GSC meeting is an opportunity for all GSC members to share their concerns with the executive, and to be informed of major developments in the field of history or in realms that particularly influence the wellbeing and interests of graduate students in history.

We invite students to become involved in the executive of the Graduate Students' Committee, which is composed of four members: two Co-chairs, a Treasurer, and a Website Manager.

In addition to attending and presenting any concerns that graduate students may have at CHA Council meetings, the Co-Chairs gather and distribute any information of interest to history graduate students in Canada. The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the GSC bank account and financial records, making deposits, and issuing cheques. The Website Manager is responsible for the maintenance of this site, responding to queries and advice about the site, and adding new links, resources, and new pages as required.

Each position is for two years, from July 1 to June 30. If no one volunteers to replace an outgoing member the said member may remain in their position for another year if he/she desires.

When a member's tenure is due to expire, the GSC will post a request for a volunteer on the CHA-GRAD Listserv, H-Canada, H-Grad, and through our university representatives. If you would be interested in volunteering, contact us here. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and what you would do as a member of the Executive.

If no one else volunteers then you will be assigned to the position effective July 1. If more than one person volunteers we will hold an election. The vote is undertaken via online ballot. We will post all of the candidates and their comments on our Ballot Page and ask all subscribers to the CHA-GRAD Listserv to read all of the information about the candidate(s), then vote for a candidate online. The votes will be counted by two members of the executive and we will notify everyone of the results.

NOTE: To be on the Executive you must be a member of the CHA. You can find out how to join the CHA here.

Becoming a member of the executive is not the only way to be involved. Sign up for the CHA-GRAD Listserv, become a university representative, come to our annual meeting at the Congress, and, above all, share your ideas.